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Gary Turco

Team Name:  Pickett's Pedalers
Years Participated: First Year
Location:   New York, NY: Equinox East 61st Street
Date:  Sunday, March 11
Time:  8:00am - 12:00pm





I’m raising money for rare cancer research with Cycle for Survival. Join me in this fight by making a donation. It's something we can all do to make a difference for those battling cancer. If you are on my page you know I am battling rectal cancer and Luekemia. I am not in this fight alone million of others are with me many with much worse causes then mine and millions of children. So many of us have lost love one to this disease. Let’s put an end to this for future generations. Every dollar counts 

Here’s how your gift will make an impact:

50% of People with Cancer Have a Rare Cancer
When combined, rare cancers make up approximately half of patients fighting cancer. Rare cancers—such as leukemia, lymphoma, thyroid, ovarian, pancreatic, and pediatric cancers—are diseases we all know. These patients often face little to no treatment options because rare cancer research is underfunded.

100% Goes to Lifesaving Research Led by MSK
Cycle for Survival is the movement to beat rare cancers. Every dollar you give will advance innovative research and clinical trials led by Memorial Sloan Kettering. This work has the power to revolutionize how cancer is diagnosed and treated worldwide.

6 Months for Fast Impact
Your gift will be in the hands of doctors and researchers within six months of the events. There’s no time to waste: with your help, new discoveries will be made each year.

Thank you for your support!